Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why no Impact Study of the costs of a failed VWC venture?

{Comment sent to USDA Forest Service regarding the VWC-DEIS - 
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It occurs to me that the Village At Wolf Creek Environmental Impact Study does not study the important question of the Environmental Impacts of a failed Village At Wolf Creek luxury village.

The VWC-DEIS does a good job of presenting the developer's rosy economic argument and promises.

Why no assessment to measure the extend of damages a failed project will have on the Alberta Park eco-system and the local economies?

The VWC-DEIS should be required to do a down to earth examination of the contra-indicators of this speculative real estate project.

We should be aware of what would be destroyed should the USDA Forest Service continue their efforts to facilitate this speculator's gamble that in the face of current events has every prospect of becoming a spectacular failure.
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It also occurs to me that given the state of the dying forest at and around Alberta Park.  The prognosis is that an extreme fire event will occur up there in the foreseeable future.  
{Actually, given Alberta Park's soil is moisture laden that forest fire may be many years and an exceptionally severe drought away - see Massive Forest Die Off in and around Alberta Park, Wolf Creek Colorado}  
Given this situation wouldn't it be good for USDA-RGNF officials to think past that imminent event and consider how important a hydrologically unmolested Alberta Park Fens-land and wetland matrix will be to the recovery process from the damages this inevitable forest fire will inflict on the Rio Grande River Basin Watershed.

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Dear Friends of Alberta Park and Wolf Creek, 
we have this one moment to tell the Rio Grande Forest Service and the US Department of Agriculture's powers-that-be what a destructive boondoggle this luxury Village at 10,500± elevation would be.

But, they'll never listen to you, if you don't contact them!
Here's where to do that, but you need to do it now, September:

Commenting on This Project
The Forest Service values public input. Comments received, including respondents’ names and addresses, will become part of the public record for this proposed action. Comments submitted anonymously will be accepted and considered; however, anonymous comments will not provide the agency with the ability to provide you with project updates. The Forest Service wishes to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to learn about our activities.

Official Deadline for comments: 9/30/2012. (or is that Friday the 28th, or Monday the 1st?)


  1. Just want to thank you for posting, and keeping this blog. People are paying attention. We'll do whatever it takes to stop this swap.