Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shared Comment - VWC-DEIS 35945 - Why no Impact Study of the costs of a failed VWC development?


In closing, why don’t you Village At Wolf Creek Environmental Impact Study authors examine the important question of the Environmental Impacts a failed Village At Wolf Creek development will leave behind?  Namely, a torn up mangled watershed.  Given the dying forest; the drying water resources; and haggard future economic prospects, an altogether likely outcome.

My complaint with the VWC-DEIS 35945 is that it does a great job of presenting the developer's rosy economic argument and promises, from the perspective of a 1990s daydream. But, it contains no assessments that measure the extend of damages a failed project will have on the Alberta Park eco-system and the local economies or the good of the American people during the challenging years we are facing?

The VWC-DEIS should be required to do a down to earth examination of the contra-indicators of this speculative real estate project at an elevation of 10,500 feet.

We should be aware of what would be destroyed should EIS authors continue their efforts to facilitate this speculator's gamble that in the face of current events has every prospect of becoming a spectacular failure should the lowland developer - who has no prior experience in a high mountain environment - go ahead with Red McCombs’ fanciful speculation.

Think before you dig and destroy.  Please explore ways to secure the productive biological, ecological health of this headwaters of the Rio Grande River Basin for future generations who will depend on a healthy Rio Grande River even more than we depend on a few hundred temporary jobs?
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There's no good reason to allow the trade - and every reason to make LMJV deal with the parcel they originally acquired, thus helping (Red McCombs) realize it’s time to abandon his pipedream and to find some honorable way to return his parcel back to the Rio Grand National Forest or a nature conservancy.

After all your charge is to protect the interests of the American people first and foremost.


  1. ...Glad you shared all of these. I will be implementing them into my final comment tonight. I really hope we're doing this all for naught. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Thank you.

    Let's hope it has a positive impact.