Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shared Comment - VWC-DEIA 35945 - 4.7.1 Direct and Indirect Environmental Consequences


Regarding the description given at:

4.7.1 Direct and Indirect Environmental ConsequencesPage 4-73 - Chapter 4. Environmental Consequences - Draft Environmental Impact Statement - Village at Wolf Creek Access Project   4.7.1 Direct and Indirect Environmental Consequences

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I believe the take away message is that any digging and development in Alberta Park ~ whether on LMJV's current holding or slightly uphill and conveniently snuggled up against the highway ~ will cause irreparable harm to that biologically productive portion of the headwaters of the Rio Grande River Basin.  After all, it isn’t like there isn’t still plenty of wetlands and fens located on the desired parcel, or that uphill development won’t impact the watershed below it.
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I know we love to think tomorrow will be better and with more opportunities than today so that any dream is achievable.  But, please look around at the 2010s world - why won’t the EIS authors acknowledge the unrealistic nature of this 1980s Dream Development in a time when economic, water and environmental issues are expected to become most challenging indeed?  

It occurs to me thinking about the inevitable and not all too distant future, when the spruce forest in and around Alberta Park is dead - those unmolested fens and other wetland features are going to be needed more than ever.

Why were you writers of the VWC-DEIS turning a blind eye to those down to earth challenges the future holds for us and our kids.  Why let yourselves be mesmerized by a salesmen’s fast talk?  
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How will facilitating the destruction of an integral part of a precious wetlands, you know source waters for the Rio Grande River Basin, help our kids who depend on a healthy Rio Grande River as much as we depend on jobs?  

Help RGNF find a way to finally lay Red McCombs' pipedream to rest?  In order to secure the biological, ecological health of this headwaters of the Rio Grande River Basin for the future generations that depend on a healthy Rio Grande River, even more than they depend on a few hundred temporary jobs?

Why not entertain how to get Mr. McCombs to consider returning that parcel back to RGNF or into a nature conservancy?

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