Monday, June 29, 2015

Pictures of Alberta Park the proposed site for the luxury Village at Wolf Creek

I drove up to Wolf Creek Ski Area Saturday the 20th to see what the Honoring Wolf Creek art project was all about and though I'm certainly no artist I did wind up doing a little art of my own . . .  

Wolf Creek Ski Area Parking lot

The rendezvous point for participants of the 
By the time I got there most artists were dispersed throughout the area with easels and 
other implements in hand.  

They did have some musicians and a drum circle, 
but I was antsy to go for a walk and a bit of mediating.

I figured since I have a fancy new phone that can 
take some decent pictures I should try to 
share the moment.  Here's my offering. 

US Route 160 in the distance

Looking towards Alberta Park

Alberta Park wetlands

Alberta Park close up - 
(all other images, including the following 14 were taken by me during my June 20th visit and walk.)

Elma Chairlift looking towards Alberta Park

The distant lake is "Alberta"

Alberta Park and lake

Highway 160 off in distance on left, Alberta Lake on right

Walking beyond the top of the Elma Chairlift there's a 
ridge running up to the crest which affords some 
wonderful vistas

Afternoon thunder clouds that didn't have the oomph to develop into rain showers.

This spruce forest has been ravaged by bark beetles, 
the green trees left standing are furs.

leave only footprints, take only pictures and memories

;- )

Top of the Elma Chairlift, 
the line of US160 visible at left

Coming to the end of a nice afternoon walk, 
back at the Wolf Creek Ski Area base.
Highway 160 can be seen above the building to the right.


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  1. Every photo shows increasing bark beetle damage everywhere in the proposed village area. I wonder if the bark beetles heard about the Texans plan and figured if they kill the trees, tourists would stay away from a devastated area? Thank you Bark Beetles!