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VWC-DEIS 1.7.3 Validity of 1986 Land Exchange

Reviewing the VWC-DEIS you'll notice a number of points worth a closer look. To facilitate that I will use this blog for my study notes, organized into single issue threads. Each will quote the USDA Forest Service - Village at Wolf Creek Access Project - Draft Environmental Impact Statement section in question.

{For clarity I have added breaks between sentences and highlights where appropriate.  Wording has not been altered.}
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Draft Environmental Impact Statement - Village at Wolf Creek Access Project
Page 1-13   Chapter 1.  Purpose and Need for Action 

1.7.3 Validity of 1986 Land Exchange

Several commenters questioned the validity of the original 1986 land exchange that resulted in the current private inholding. 

It is not the function of this EIS to evaluate the past Federal actions that allowed the land exchange.     VWC-DEIS
Draft Environmental Impact Statement - Village at Wolf Creek Access Project

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Can’t fault the Rio Grande National Forest officials for taking this stance.  It was a long time ago and actually RGNF made a somewhat sweet deal {in a faustian sort of way}.  The parcels Mr. McCombs traded were nice {I’ve been there, I’ve looked at the land}.

More importantly to this question, Rio Grande National Forest officials were trading with the understanding that Leavell McCombs Joint Venture was intending to build a small exclusive get-away with a couple hundred cabins maybe.

But then it all went sour.  Before anyone knew it ~ there was nothing but fast talking then BAM it was pie in the sky and a luxury village for ten thousand rich folks come hell or low water. 

This in Alberta Park 10,300' the heart of the headwaters of the Rio Grande River Basin?

I bring this up because there is a lot of talk about Mr. McCombs' Private Property Rights - But, there is also an American tradition of Integrity and Sticking To One’s Word.  Mr. McCombs did not do that. 

Protect it with all the lawyers he wants ~ the bottom line is LMJV was not true to its own assurances and promises that were made
to the RGNF and our community {in order to secure the deal}, when this whole real estate adventure started.   

Decades have rolled by and his deceit has brought Mr. McCombs nothing but grief in these parts.  The dream that may have made sense
back in the 80s/90s, is like the lost soul who’s train has departed the station; never to return.  But life goes on!  We need to move on. 

When will the powers-that-be facilitate an end to this charade?

Mr. McCombs please allow this land to return to it's fold
protected within the Rio Grande National Forest. 

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Friends of Alberta Park and Wolf Creek, 
we have this one moment to tell the Rio Grande Forest Service and the US Department of Agriculture powers-that-be what a destructive boondoggle this luxury Village at 10,500± elevation would be.

But, they'll never listen to you if you don't contact them!
Here's where to do that, but you need to do it now, September:

Commenting on This Project
The Forest Service values public input. Comments received, including respondents’ names and addresses, will become part of the public record for this proposed action. Comments submitted anonymously will be accepted and considered; however, anonymous comments will not provide the agency with the ability to provide you with project updates. The Forest Service wishes to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to learn about our activities.

Deadline for comments is officially 9/30/2012. (or is that Friday the 28th, or Monday the 1st?)

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