Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Copy of the "Wingle Transmit New Decision pdf"

The following is a faithful reproduction {though it may contain typos.} of the pdf I was sent by the RGNF,  when they replied to my FOIA request.    

This is the Decision Notice that withdrew the February 20, 1986 RGNF's rejection of the LMJV trade offer and directs the land exchange proposal to continue. 

Missing from the documents I received was the 2/20/86 RGNF decision, so I have sent another FOIA request for that document, which I will also post after receiving it. 



United States Department of Agriculture
Forest Service
Rocky Mountain Region
11177 W. 8th Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80225

Reply To: 5430 Exchanges
Date: MAR 6 1986
Subject: Proposed Wolf Creek Land Exchange
To: Forest Supervisor, Rio Grande NF

Enclosed is a Decision Notice for the subject case executed on March 6, 1986. This Decision Notice withdraws the decision dated February 20, 1986 and directs that processing of the land exchange proposal continue.

The Decision Notice also imposes one additional mitigation requirement. We are now drafting a scenic easement deed to satisfy this requirement. We will transmit a copy to you as soon as it is available.

The proponent will be provided with a copy of the Decision Notice by this office. You should notify local governments and others who commented on the proposal. You should also consider what level of public notification is necessary and provide such notification.

Signed, H. Peter Wingle
Director, Recreation and Lands

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