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August first 2010 Update

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From the Durango Herald

June 18, 2010
Wolf Creek Village Makes New Bid -
Developers seek environmental review of proposed land trade to build resort
by Joe Hanel - Herald Denver Bureau

"The June 7 proposal to the Forest Service formally starts an environmental review that could take 18 months or more. Officials at Rio Grande National Forest said Thursday they are doing an initial review of the plan to decide whether it is complete enough to even accept. If they do accept it, that will trigger a long process that includes public involvement..."

July 30, 2010
"Wolf Creek Village Redefines Project -
Minor boundary adjustments proposed for resort land swap"
by Shane Benjamin - Herald Staff Writer

"Developers of the Village at Wolf Creek have modified plans for a proposed land swap near the top of Wolf Creek Pass, where a resort town with ski-in and ski-out access is envisioned.

"The amended plan is similar to one submitted earlier this year by developers, but it makes slight boundary adjustments to accommodate the realignment of a ski lift that would link the village and Wolf Creek Ski Area. It also includes two alternate plans should the U.S. Forest Service reject the land swap..."


Letter to the Durango Herald

Dear Editor,
Clint Jones, Village at Wolf Creek project leader from Austin, Texas (elevation 500’), says his reminted land exchange offer “is in the best interest of all parties, including the public.” How does he justify this conclusion when he won’t even acknowledge, let alone discuss, the many problems with the VWC concept both environmental and financial; problems that tweaking boundaries won’t fix?

For instance, the bottom has fallen out of the luxury resort market. This conclusion is based on the many luxury developments experiencing serious financial setbacks along with foreclosures. Don’t take my word for it, visit for a long, if partial, list of links to authoritative sources.

Then, there is the, so far ignored, health implications for an overnight resort at 10,300 feet elevation where our bodies absorb a third less oxygen than at sea level. There’s a reason there aren’t other over night resorts at that elevation. For links to authoritative medical sources verifying this problem visit novillageatwolfcreek.blogspot.

What about the water issues coming and going? From where will VWC get, transport and store the tremendous amount of water this village would demand? Currently, that entire area is an unbroken high quality, high volume watershed, upon which all down stream stakeholders depend. Bulldozing that area will seriously damage and degrade its ability to store and purify water. Sewage treatment at this high elevation, with eight of twelve months experiencing freezing temperatures, will demand an extremely expensive, state of the art sewer treatment plant prone to unique problems, with any unanticipated discharge seriously damaging all it touches - think down stream interests.

What about the disruption to already stressed wildlife corridors and habitat loss? What about infrastructure, law enforcement, medical facilities, communications, electricity, gas, street maintenance and snow removal. How are minimal home sales going to support the tremendous expenses involved in providing these services? Who will insure VWC against the developer going bust, as so many are doing? Who will be left holding the bag?

No Village at Wolf Creek!

Please, help save Alberta Park... Get involved.


San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council
Has an excellent write up on their website.

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