Thursday, July 21, 2016

State Rep. J Paul Brown this is 2016.

I received the following and can't resist passing it along.  It underscores the general disconnect Republicans have achieved with the living reality of our world here in 2016.  
Of course, given the mess after decades worth of right-wing Reaganomics stewardship 
and its many decidedly counter-productive outcomes, 
it's no wonder many try to hide and dream of better days.

Dear Peter,

The GOP hasn't exactly been subtle about their desire to return to their idealized version of America in the 1950's, but this mailer that just landed in Durango really takes things to a new level:


This was actually sent out in support of Rep. J. Paul Brown, an extremist legislator who would fit in better in a Mad Men world than in modern Colorado. 

Brown deserves every bit of 50's nostalgia that accompanies that mail piece. He has consistently voted to gut environmental protections, prevent a woman's right to choose, and to put corporations ahead of Colorado families. 

Thankfully, his days in the legislature may be numbered. Longtime teacher Barbara McLachlan is running against him and is neck-and-neck with him in the polls.

We won this seat by fewer than 1,000 votes in 2012 and lost it by 189 votes in 2014. We need your help to make sure we don't re-elect Colorado's version of Barney Fife. 

Don't Leave It to Beaver; please show your support today. 

Thanks for all you do.

Kimberly Wilke
Finance Director

House Majority Project
Sweet dreams.  

As for J. Paul Brown's opponent:

Durango Educator Barbara McLachlan Announces Candidacy for House District 59

Special to the Post · September 17, 2015

Yesterday, September 16, Barbara McLachlan, celebrated former English and journalism educator and Teacher of the Year at Durango High School, announced her candidacy for state representative in House District 59, which includes Archuleta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, La Plata, Ouray and San Juan counties.

“I am excited to be running for State Representative because I believe in a brighter future filled with opportunity for our Western Slope community,” she said. “I will use my experience as a teacher and educator to tackle the major issues facing our district: fighting for our fair share of school funding, working to bring more jobs and opportunity to Southwestern Colorado, and protecting our clean air and our water, which are central to our local heritage, culture and economy.” ...

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