Monday, January 5, 2015

RGNF Village at Wolf Creek Access Project

Although the RGNF-EIS comment period ends today, this issue isn't going away, it's just changing venue - and since information is important I thought it would be good to copy the Rio Grande National Forest's VWC-Access Project webpage over here, to save folks the searching.  I figure some of the comments will be applicable to future phases of this seemingly never-ending struggle to save the Alberta Park watershed from destructive development.
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The Rio Grande National Forest is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement to analyze the effects of the proposed Village at Wolf Creek land exchange.
Location Summary
The federal and non-federal parcels to be considered are entirely within Mineral County, Colorado
District: Divide Ranger District

Project Documents
  1. Analysis
  1. Scoping
      1. VWC Final Scoping Notice (PDF 57kb)
      2. Scoping Letter for the Village at Wolf Creek Land Exchange Proposal
      3. Fig1 (PDF 993kb)
      4. Figure showing the current private parcel surrounded by the Rio Grande National Forest
      5. Fig2 (PDF 1007kb)
      6. Figure showing the proposed land exchange Federal and non-Federal parcels
      7. Fig3 (PDF 998kb)
      8. Figure showing potential access location from U.S. Highway 160
      9. 20110419VWCNOI (PDF 53kb)
      10. Notice of Intent to prepare and Environmental Impact Statement for the Village at Wolf Creek Land Exchange Proposal
    1. Decision
    1. Supporting

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