Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hello Ukraine

Dear Ukrainian visitors and other Old World visitors to this website,

My name is Peter and this NVAWC website is my own venture, a hobby you could say.

This "information kiosk" is unaffiliated with anyone else, it's simple, just me sharing important information and some of my thoughts because I want to do my part in helping stop a thoughtless rich family from inflicting irreparable destruction to the heart of a thriving biologically productive complex watershed area called Alberta Park located up against the USA's Continental Divide, near Wolf Creek Pass, location of legendary Highway 160* that tops off at 3,310 meters.  Alberta Park is part of the source waters for the interstate/international Rio Grande River making it specially important and worth protecting.

OK, so that's what I'm doing here.  

Now, please allow me to ask you folks, what are you doing here?

I ask this because I've been watching my numbers with increasing fascination and curiosity about why people from across the globe would be interested in this local issue.  I've tried finding "Wolf Creeks" in Ukraine, Russia and other places to check that sort of link but haven't had any luck.  Is it just a curiosity about America?  Or what?  Here's what I'm talking about:

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