Monday, March 31, 2014

Village at Wolf Creek EIS release update 3/31/2014

After the Durango Herald's article and considering March has come and gone, I contacted Mike Blakeman, Public Affairs Specialist for the Rio Grande National Forest to ask him about the Village At Wolf Creek Landswap Environmental Impact Statement and received the following reply.

Hi Peter,  
When it comes to the VWC land exchange EIS, everything takes longer than you expect.  As you know, many people have been expecting the RGNF to release the VWC FEIS and ROD for a while now. After a thorough review of the EIS, Dan (Dan Dallas - Rio Grande National Forest Supervisor) has determined that additional analysis is needed before he can make an informed decision. 
In particular, Dan asked the team to expand their review associated with developments that are accessed next to ski areas on public lands. We don’t currently have a timeline, but we hope to have the work completed by early summer. 
As a reminder,  Dan stated early on when the EIS was first initiated that the process would take as long as is needed in order to complete a thorough analysis on which he could base his decision. NEPA requires Dan to take a “hard look” at all aspects of the environmental and social issues associated with the proposed project. 
He asked for a more in-depth look and further analysis upon review of the draft EIS documentation prior to making a final decision.  
Hope that helps.  

Mike Blakeman 
Public Affairs Specialist 
Indeed it does.  
Thank you for the information Mr. Blakeman.