Monday, August 22, 2011

Mr. Million’s Time Warp... dreams of diverting the mighty Green River's water

Dear Durango Telegraph Editor,
Last week Missy’s opinion started with recalling a wonderful river trip, one I could relate to having rafted that section during the 2010 peak water run off. Incredible water, incredible geology, incredible experience. But, as we know, the river is so much more than a good time. It’s our life blood and it has a new threat, Mr. Million’s water pipeline scheme, as Missy detailed in her opinion piece.

Seems like I barely finished it, when an email arrived from the High Country Citizens’ Alliance discussing Mr. Millions scheme and asking for support in convincing the Colorado Water Conservation Board not to spend $150,000 on studying the feasibility of a sure fire boondoggle.

To recap:

"Flaming Gorge/"Million" Pipeline": supporting evidence for why it should be abandoned

The following is a compilation of a few articles giving more background on the "Flaming Gorge/"Million" Pipeline" followed by a number of climatological studies that all indicate we need to start planning for a future with less rain water and smaller river flows.